About Kaya Kalash

With a vision of bringing Quality Clothing for Women, We Kaya Kalash - Incepted in 2008, have successfully completed journey by delivering the top-notch quality products at affordable prices. Since inception, our trendy kurti collection is highly praised for elegant look, beautiful designs and artistic work. We take pride in being the reputed textile conglomerate since 9 years and strive hard every bit to make our journey more fruitful and passionate. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure backed by highly skilled professionals, ensuring utmost quality levels, following the ethical business policies is our USP that makes us stand out from the crowd.

We have huge collection of:

  • Punjabi Suits
  • Kurtis
  • Bottom Wear
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Our Products


Designer Kurtis Manufactures in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Our wardrobe is incomplete if there is not any designer Kurtis in it! Yes, Colourful and Designer Kurtis are trending today and the flavour of fashion it has is more attractive that every girl wants to buy more n’ more!

You want to stick to ethnic wear but also want to look completely stylish, then these latest trends will definitely work for you. These looks are pretty simple but stylish too. Pairing them with nice oxidized jewellery, sexy heels and last but not the least a clutch. You are ready for every occasion.

The Colour, the Fabric and the delicate touch which we give to the designer Kurtis, make it more suitable for the new generation. Be it a wedding, a family occasion, an office party or a get-together, the Kurti is definitely here to stay.

Kurtis are basically Indian ethnic wear, which is transformed from Salvar Kameez and become more elegant to wear. We, at the Kaya, make the Kurti for your comfort and also to fulfil your thirst of Fashion!

Kurti is a cloth of such style that has evolved over the years and now crossed the borders of India becoming an outfit that is loved by women all around the globe. When you go out there for shopping kurtis in Ahmedabad, there are innumerable styles and patterns that you will get.

Most commonly it is a knee-length top. Paired with generally salwar or churidar, these days Kurtis are preferably worn over jeans and leggings. Just like leggings it is one of the most comfortable clothing highly famous amongst office-going women and even college students due to the comfort and style statement it offers.

We are the leading Kurti Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. From elegant and classic straight-cut kurti to patterned one, you will get endless variety of Kurtis with us. It is sometimes also worn with stylish and colourful dupatta. The legacy of Kurtis dates back to ancient times when men generally wore this attire but later women have also adopted this form of outfit as a regular wear.

Poets, Artists, Scholars are also seen donning this piece of clothing. We have a range of fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon and so on that you can select from depending on your choice. Specially manufactured keeping in mind the demand and needs of our customers, we cater focused attention to the styling, colours and patterns.

It is such a versatile piece of cloth that designers have a gala time in allowing their creativity to flow and express their fashion. You can get special designer Kurtis at Kaya Kalash in Ahmedabad. We also offer variety of styles from plain block print to embroidered heavy looking perfect for your traditional function. You can adorn our Kurtis that are custom made suited to different personalities.    

 A long, ankle length Kurti can do just the right job both at office and the after office meet-up with friends, serving dual purpose. Make your statement by choosing from the varieties available at our showroom in Ahmedabad. Be it Anarkali style, heavily emblished one or a Sleek one made from Silk, you can deck up in any avatar you like.

Having 10 years of experience in the Kurti manufacturing in Ahmedabad, we understand the seasonal fashions too. We have cotton, chicken embroidered ones especially useful during summer season, Collared ones to suit your office event, ones having button finishing to give you the different look.

Fashion will keep on changing but Kurtis are an eternal piece. They have a special place in women’s wardrobe. It is also available in shorter length. So, come explore some of the most enchanting and exclusive collection you can find in Ahmedabad. Check out the best of them at the most competitive rates. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

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Designer Leggings Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Kaya is manufacturer of premium quality legging for comfortable and fashionable look in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Searching on Wikipedia for leggings, you can find that it is tight-fitting stretch trousers, typically worn by women or girls.

Or it’s a strong protective over garments for the legs. But what we would like to express is how you can use leggings with other parts of outfits. Leggings are suitable for office at leisure look.  Short kurtas and skinny denims or jeggings  or leggings have always been an amazing option but have you tried with palazzos and bell pants, if no, then why not? Short kurtas with palazzos and bell pants are another trend going on these days. Whether it is summer or wedding season, giving these look a chance will make you stand out of the crowd and will also give you a great comfort. You can wear leggings as pants without looking frumpy. To know how you can use leggings with other outfits to make it more suitable, you can visit our blog section.

We live in times fashion trends are changing rapidly. Talking about the style trends in India our culture has bestowed us with amazing clothing culture. Such diversity gave birth to numerous designs and even inspired countless designers to let their creativity flow.

The focus of such new creations has always been women. And women these days are all into comfort clothing while also maintaining the style quotient, especially when it comes to daily office wear. What better than a Kurti and legging to get you through a busy day. Yes we can vouch for it as we have been in the Leggings manufacturer in Ahmedabad since a decade now!

Any women will agree that Leggings have turned out to be a boon. They are highly comfortable form of clothing that goes very well with any type of Kurti or even tops. The manufacturers have had a thorough though of different styles and sizes that will be comfy in day to day wear. At Kaya Kalash, you will find a broad range of colours and array of leggings. Whether it is for office wear or for any occasion, you choose from the variety. If you are searching for leggings in Ahmedabad then check out the array of shades of different colours available with us, just to perfectly match your outfit - the classic black, white, maroon or the bright colours like pink, red, yellow, orange.

We like to offer our customers latest trends and have therefore always got a fresh and diverse collection. We also understand the importance of a good fabric. Fabric is what ultimately provides that comfort. Leggings are something you wear almost entire day and thus, it has to be one of the finest piece of clothing. So, we offer only the best to you at the most affordable rates.

Our reputation is that of a premium leggings manufacturer in Ahmedabad of all types of women wear in ethnic trends and we work relentlessly to live by it on a daily basis. We have achieved such repute by keeping a keen eye on the current and changing styles and most importantly understanding the needs of our clients. It gives us the ability to source the finest materials for our clients.

Indulge in the latest styles and colours of leggings specially manufactured in Ahmedabad keeping in mind the style of clothing and fashion. Our leggings are a bit hit amongst youngsters too, due to the quality of it. Being in the market since many years, we understand the clients need and demands and consequently, try to introduce various designs. Whether it is laced or printed leggings, as manufacturers we provide perfect finishing which is one of the most vital factor in creating elegant designs.

Now you know just the right place to visit in Ahmedabad to check out and get the perfect match of leggings for your needs. Come and choose from the range of options! We will be glad to assist you make a fine selection.

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Women Pants

Women Pants Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Kaya Kalash manufacturers exclusive collection of comfortable colorful pants which will always enhance your casual wardrobe.

The trouser, originally a masculine silhouette, is now the clothing most women prefer and here at Kaya Kalash, we innovate it differently through ingenious use of Indian craftsmanship. If you are a fashion conscious woman looking for ethnic pants and trousers. Whether you are caught up in work at the office or just relaxing, stay cool with Kaya Kalash white linen pants in the blazing summer heat.

Women Clothing has evolved 360 degree quite many times now. Come and experience the best of women fashion at Kaya Kalash in Ahmedabad. Women today are running busy educating herself, working and doing better things. And at the same time adorns latest fashion hands down.

At our showroom, you can check out the latest collection of women pants . You can team it up with a classic shirt or chick top or even a short kurti. We have the most exclusive range of stylish pants in different colour spectrum. Wear it at our office meeting or while going out to party, it is one sure piece of style that will make you stand apart from the crowd.

We are the most trusted women pants manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We understand the fashion from our client’s perspective and let our customers set trends. Keeping this in mind, we design and give the pants most accurate length and comfortable fitting. Our designers love to add the oomph of elegance with minimal yet perfect finishing right from colour to fabric and even the buttons of the women pants.

The women pants are most regular go to outfit of our working class women customers in Ahmedabad. After all, they do provide that comfort and a stylish look too. Ethnic pants and trousers of different sizes and colours are available with us. Not just that, you will find a good range of fabric variety and can choose the one that you are most comfortable in wearing. This brisk piece of clothing suits all types of women.

Being a prominent Women pants manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we ensure the highest quality of clothing and an assortment of collection. We offer excellent finish and perfect stitching that makes the clothing sturdy and comfortable. All our products have rich colour and the fabrics that are soft to wear.

Our success lies in the trust that our customer puts into us and our professionals live by to maintain high standards. They can also assist you in choosing the suitable type of women pant that will not just fit you well but enhance your personality. Select from a casual wear to striped or plain yet bold pants. You can rest assured of going home all satisfied with your ideal match of clothing.

As we always say, fashion is something that keeps on evolving and you can enjoy and embrace it while you have the chance to do so. Women pants as of now are a running trend and you surely do not want to miss the look. If you are planning for some occasion or simply shopping for your daily wear, visit our showroom at the earliest and we promise it will be one worthwhile trip.

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Palazzo Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Palazzo trousers are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather as well. If you want to have that bold and sexy look palazzos are best companion of your front slit kurta.

It will never let you down and will always enhance your looks.

Palazzo living up to its style and comfort quotient stays quite top on the list in a women’s wardrobe even when it is not summer. Not all the women have a planned wardrobe and even if it is then a palazzo can come in handy in times when you least expect it to. It is a rescuer when you are tired of formal pants, regular leggings and want something more light to carry and at the same time maintain your fashion status.

Palazzos are supremely comfy clothing that again, comes in huge varieties manufacturer in Ahmedbad, But where did the trend come from? Well, you can think of it as some revolution f the retro trends. Once you try it and get a hang on it, you will not quite get enough of it. Especially when we say we are some of the finest Palazzo manufacturer in Ahmedabad, then trust us; there’s good enough reason behind it.

The major credit goes to the breeziness it offer and absolute comfort. We have manufactures all types of palazzo in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A straight-cut which can be paired with a long or short kurti or even top – not too much flare and not too skinny, the magic is in the balance. There is flared one that also comes in various prints and colours. A layered palazzo will give you that boho chic feel. Then you have palazzo that work like trousers- perfect if you are not too into ethnic but looking to introduce it to your wardrobe. Palazzo tie-ups and Pleated Palazzo are also huge favourites of our customers due to the diverse look they can fit into.

This one is again a great option whether you are a college going or working female. There are different styles to pick from that will certainly never go wrong given any occasion. The best part about them is they fit any type of occasion, be it a traditional event or a party. You will get the best quality Palazzo manufacturer in Ahmedabad at Kaya Kalash.

And while you think we do not have fabric choice then let us tell you we have the most versatile set of choice for you – of fabric, colours, patterns, prints. You can go with either high-waist palazzo too depending on your choice and comfort of wearing. With inputs from our customers, our designers work hard to bring out better and unique designs manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

If you have never tried palazzo, it is time you do. Visit us at our showroom and let us assist you to get a nice, trendy and comfy pair of palazzo. You cannot really tell, it might become your favourite piece of clothing. You got to give it one shot. Do visit us soon to check out our palazzo range.

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Designer Patiala Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Patiala is on popular form of bottom wear amongst women in North India and owes its origin to the city of Patiala in Punjab. Today it has entered the women fashion trends like a boss. It is also seen as a hallmark traditional Indian wear. There was Salwar Kameez and then there is Patiala. Many women wear Patiala in Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat too.

It is bottom wear which is loose fitted similar to pajama and has lots of pleats. It is these pleats that give it the amazing and different flared look. Imagine the amount of cloth that goes into stitching a salwar/pajama, twice the amount of clot goes into making a Patiala. The loosely hung cloth looks and even feels comfortable.

The Nawabs of Patiala must be thanked for introducing such a cool and chic fashion to us. In previous times, the cloth used was very rich in quality that gave it a royal look. It was a style adorned by men and now has been swiftly adopted y women too. Even today, when you talk about the fabric, you get loads of variety. The technique is in stitching it in that particular pleated manner and let the flares flow loose.

Various types of cloth like silk, georgette, teracotton are used to make a Patiala. Similarly, there are various patterns of print and colours used to make it more attractive and unique piece of clothing. Usually it is teamed up with a top and dupatta. The look is more enhanced when worn with short kurtas. Sometimes even stylish tank tops can go with it and give it a modern twist.

In Ahmedabad, too, you can witness numerous females carrying it with such elegance. It certainly adds the oomph of grace to your personality. From young girls to even our grandmothers, all love this style and has at least one in their wardrobe. Patiala can be termed as a staple ethnic wear. If you ask any Patiala Manufacturer in Ahmedabad like us, everyone will agree that it is a splendid and again timeless fashion.

If you haven’t yet tried this style then we insist you to do so. It goes well on any body type. Teaming it up with some traditional footwear will make you look absolute gorgeous beauty. Our designers before manufacturing again like to experiment and introduce new styles from straight cuts to Floor length and even semi-patiala style. Mostly made with floral print or other prints, they are one rich outfit that can be worn on regular basis and also on traditional functions.

Visit our store in Ahmedabad to check out which style of Patiala is suiting you the best and get it at a very cost-effective rate. It’s time you add a chic one to your collection.

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Unstitch Dress Materials

Unstitched Dress Material Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Unstitch 3 piece suits segment into 2 parts. Exclusive designer fabric suitable for all sizes manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

At the end of the day, we all have an inner fashion sense into us. And we can let it come out in many ways. One such way is with the help of unstitched dress materials. For youngsters, you must have seen your mothers and aunts buy the 3 segment of clothing and make trips to their favourite tailor. Recently, even young girls want to express themselves through fashion. This is where the unstitched dress materials manufacturer in Ahmedabad come into play.

Inspired by trends on fashion shows, in TV serials and movies, many females now prefer to get their traditional outfit stitched in the style they want. We are the top unstitched dress materials manufacturer in Ahmedabad and have innumerable varieties for you to choose from. Get the best quality of clothing, diverse styles, patterns, colours at our showroom in Ahmedabad.

You can get the suit stitched as per your needs and preference. That is the beauty of these type of clothing manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We have countless outfits ad garments that can be madeinto finest suits for any size manufacturer in Ahmedabad. The unstitched dress materials manufacturer in Ahmedabad have become very popular trends amongst females in Ahmedabad. Some of the most amazing designs can be created out of them like a chudidar salwar and kameez, an anarkali salwar suit, Patiala salwar suit are some of the basic design. You can ask you tailor to customise it and and make it more trendy and experiment with your look.

Buying an unstitched dress material in Ahmedabad opens an array of options for you. Sometimes you do not get the type of design you are looking for so long. It is this time when you can actually create it rather than waiting for and hunting for it endlessly. The most desirable part is it makes the perfect fitting possible for you because it is stitched as per your body measures. Moreover, there is less likelihood of you bumping into someone wearing a similar outfit giving you that extra edge on fashion.

Females in Ahmedabad love adapting new fashions and also embrace it quickly. So, let out that fashionista in you and grab a few unstitched dress materials manufacturer and give it your custom design touch. There are materials that come with amazingly embroidered duppata too. So, whether you are looking for a plain cotton or silk-cotton dress material or hand block printed ones or you want to adorn a heavier look that is simply perfect for any traditional event, you can get it all at our store in Ahmedabad.

You will be amazed by the collection of unstitched dress materials we have and your ideas will straight away start flowing. Come and check out the various famous types of unstitched dress materials styles we have from bhandni to kachi work, gota pati work and more. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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New Arrival

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Hello Summer

Sweaters, jackets, boots etc. Hush! Finally, its time to boycott these winter clothes as summers are on their way.Its time for denim, cotton Kurtis but the question arises that which kurtas are perfect for summers and how to pair them. Chill, have your lemonade and just read this article.

1.Tail cut kurtis

Tail cut Kurtis and asymmetrical Kurtis are very similar when you look at them. The only difference between them is that tail cut Kurtis are little longer at the back and this style is in trend since last few seasons. The best part of this Kurtis is that they suit from young to middle-aged women. whether you are gifted with petite or hourglass, pear or triangle shaped body don’t worry tail cut Kurtis are meant for every woman even to those who are tall but avoid if you are having a round body type also if you are attending a formal event. Pair them with leggings and jeggings.

2. High low kurta

After tail cut Kurtis, next, we have high low kurta on our list. Even they belong to the asymmetrical family but they do not have a definition and have a straight hemline. A big no if it’s a formal event but if it’s an informal setup dnt even think twice just pair them full, ankle length or printed jeggings. And figure? Suits every body type.

3.Flared kurti

Flared kurta is my favorite. Due to their chic and elegant characteristics, they are perfect for both a formal event as well as for daily wear. They are designed in such a way that hemline opens up on both the sides that give little bounce to the outfit. Hence, it makes whole attire attractive. Women with any shape except round body type can wear it. Avoid wearing it for a formal event. Leggings, jeggings or jeans you can pair them with any of these.

4. Pintuck

Sometimes adding a little bit of detailing to a garment can make a lot of difference. Pintuck is one of them. It not only adds charm and elegance to an outfit. It looks tremendous with combined with cotton, chanderi or handloom fabrics. Every age women can wear this. Don’t even think twice if you are tall women with hourglass, pear, petite and triangle shaped as it suits them. Second thing, avoid if you are going to some party- Too simple. Pair them with straight cut pants, palazzos or culottes.

5.Shirt style kurta

Girls who want to look stylish but comfort is their first priority, I guess for them shirt style Kurtis are a perfect match. Easy to carry, a mixture of traditional and contemporary what else you want in a kurta. Goes with every body type but not in every situation especially parties. Carry them with jeans, leggings, jeggings.

6. Denim kurtis

Once upon a time denim was just limited to jeans but now the definition of denim has been changed. Now denim is even used for ethnic wear. Denim Kurtis can be worn with leggings or like one piece dress too. The figure is not a big concern. Daily use or informal occasion is perfect for denim. Goes with culottes, ankle length leggings, jeggings or treggings.

So are you ready for summers?

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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Trend in Kurtis

The creative & skilled Indian craftsmen work hard to provide products with fine finishing and also designs of fine fabric.
The prime aim of Kaya is to offer extensive range of product that suits their need. These products are offered to them at market leading prices within stipulated time frame. We are in sourcing and supplying of fashionable Salwaar Kameez, Kurtis and bottom wear like Pants, Palazzos and leggings. Assortments of our products comprises of ladies wear, Night Wear/ Hi-Fashion garments. These products are sourced for Established Customers & Exporters.

Your wardrobe will still incomplete if there is not any designer Kurti in it! Yes, Colourful and Designer Kurtis are trending today and the flavour of fashion it has is more attractive that every girl wants to buy more n' more!

The Colour, the Fabric and the delicate touch which we give to the designer Kurtis, make it more suitable for the new generation. Be it a wedding, a family occasion, an office party or a get-together, the Kurti is definitely here to stay.

Kurtis are basically Indian ethnic wear, which is transformed from Salvar Kameez and become more elegant to wear. We, at the Kaya, make the Kurti for your comfort and also to fulfil your new thirst of Fashion!

Ensuring Quality:

We have varieties of Kurtis as follow:

Trail Cut Kurtis: The most trending Kurti nowadays. It is quite different from a C-Cut Kurti. It has C-cuts on both the sides. The Trail Cut Kurtis are designed especially for College girls and also you can wear it casually.

Tail Cut Kurtis: Generally, Tail Cut Kurti is short from one side and has a tail like effect on the other side. Tail cut Kurti is the best western wear option for young Indian girls & women.
For a more glamorous look, one can wear Tail cut Kurti without any bottom.
If you are going for Clubbing or any Dance Party, the Tail Cut Kurtis will be good for you.

Anarkali Kurtis: Anarkali Kurti is perfect for that grace & elegance of traditional looks. Anarkali goes well with every body shape.
You can wear Anarkali Kurti daily or any formal occasion. Also, you can wear on Wedding and Festival Season.

A-Line Kurtis: A-Line Kurti is the most favourite among youngsters. It reaches to the calf or ankle and it has flared from the waist for making 'A' shaped panel.
We have varieties of A-Line Kurtis with different Shades, Designs and Embroidery work.
A-Line Kurtis are mostly been worn on Festive Season and Parties.

Flared Kurtis: Trend of wide flared Kurtis in Anarkali style does wonders. Flares are feminine beauty and give gorgeous, rich look for party time.
You can wear this Flared Kurti Casual wear, Party wear, Wedding or on any festival.

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Flared Palazzo - Perfect Partner For Summer

Every time its not necessary to have different types of palazzos. If flared palazzos are your best friend then don’t worry we have something for you. For that just scroll down and i am sure you won’t regret.

1. Flared Palazzo + Long Kurti :

Flared palazzo are great for summers as they are super comfortable and stylish. Being in comfort is fine but being in trend should be your first priority so for that you should pair your palazzo with a nice straight and long kurta. if your palazzo is plain go for printed kurta and if you are choosing a plain kurta go for printed palazzo to create a balance. Pair them with a nice pair of stiletto heel with some oxidised jewellery and how can your forgot your favourite clutch.

2. Flared Palazzo + Belted Kurta :

Short kurta with a belt paired with flared palazzo can enhance your look. if you are not a print person , Plain palazzo and a plain kurta will also work but they should be contrast thats a rule. To complete whole look pumps are must with a nice sling bag as well as some cool shades.

3. Flared Palazzo + Short Kurta :

Flared palazzo and short kurta are the best summer collections and jhumkas can be add-ons to make it look more attractive. Juttis are the perfect footwear to match up with this outfit You can take a small bag and yes you are ready to go.

4. Flared Palazzo + Short Kurta :

flared palazzo and straight kurta with a belt is next on our list . This will not only make you look tall but also trendy. Also to complete this attire you can wear a tiara which will enhance your look more. Pumps , juttis , stiletto heel if you have anything among these, no worries because you can wear any of these. And hey lady don’t forget to take your sling bag.

5. Flared Palazzo + Straight Kurta :

Flared palazzo, straight kurta with a pair of pumps and a tote bag or sling bag is all you need this summer. You can go for some nice jhumkas to enhance your look.


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Leggings Anytime, Anywhere

If you are in office or going out on shopping with your girlfriends and confuse what will suit you in summers then just close your eyes and go for leggings. Whether it’s a plain long baggy t-shirt, leggings are a perfect match for you and if you are wondering what else can go so keep calm and read this article.

Straight kurta with leggings

 Below knee length straight kurta with full sleeves when paired with leggings, nothing like that as looks elegant and makes you summer ready. It will be perfect if you go for cotton/Lycra based leggings. The reason is that they give a perfect fit, avoid bagginess and all girls out there are not in favor of bagginess, I know. Do take your sling bag and for footwear juttis or pumps would work. A nice ring as well as some jhumkas, and you are good to go.




Straight Knee length kurta and leggings

Slightly fitted knee-length kurta paired with leggings will enhance your waist curves and will make you look sexy. Also, it is very important to stylize them correctly with a good pair of pumps and long jhumkas or studs with a watch. Wearing a legging made out of lycra/ cotton is all need to be center of attraction.



Long kurta and leggings

Long full sleeve kurta which is slightly loose if paired with leggings, nice fitted leggings can enhance your look. Pumps, handbag and long earrings can be add-ons to your outfit. Kurta with a beautiful print or just plain kurta will also work but it's better if the colour of leggings and kurta are different. Also wearing a watch is a must .



Leggings are more comfortable than jeans during summers. So instead of going for denim, choose leggings.


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Plaids are like old songs which will remain evergreen forever. Gingham, tartan, shepherd etc they will never fade away. Earlier they were limited to office wear but now perspective and way of styling plaids are changing. How? For that, you need to scroll down.

1) Plaids shirt  and skinny jeans


Checks, plaids are always in fashion. They can never be old-school.  Plaids shirt  looks smart and classy when paired with skinny jeans. These shirts can be worn casually as well as for office. Pair them with sneakers if you are going for the outing but if you are wearing for  office then carry them with pumps,  formal trouser, studs and an elegant watch.



2) Plaids shirt and denim  shorts

Why should plaids remain confined to office wear? well, it’s time to change the perspective. Plaids can also be worn with shorts. Combine them with sneakers and a classic sling bag. To bring a twist in your look, carry them with hoop earrings and yes you are ready to rock the world.




3) Shepherd checks and skinny jeans

Shepherd check shirt is perfect for rainy spring days or midsummer outfit. One can carry them skinny jeans. With them, you can choose belly shoes or flats. They can be worn casually as well as formally.




4) Plaids shirt with bell sleeve. 

Tops have bell sleeve and so does dresses so why not shirts? Plaids shirt with bell sleeve, when worn with ribbed shorts, makes you look hot. Not only they are super comfortable but they make you look feminine. Don't forget your Dior shades.



5) Plaids shirt with bell sleeve.

Tops have bell sleeve and so does dresses so why not shirts? Plaids shirt with bell sleeve, when worn with ribbed shorts, makes you look hot. Not only they are super comfortable but they make you look feminine. Don't forget your Dior shades



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